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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kindergarten Portfolio

Here are the pictures of our kindergarten portfolios. The only thing I didn't include is the page protector filled w/ their behavior calendars & the collages. I put a collage of Christmas, Easter, our field trip, & our worm research at the back so that the kids that did not purchase school pics would have some & for parents who were not able to attend parties or our field trip. I had a really hard time lining up these photos the way I wanted them. Blogger was NOT cooperating. I know some of the category labels might seem unnecessary but I wanted to keep them in order to show the progress. There are cover sheets for each six weeks, followed by a coloring sheet (from sub days) to show their progress on following our "Star Wall Rules" (1. color in the lines 2. color all the white spaces 3. color realistically) a math, writing, & retelling stories through pictures, and then their book of writing is included for parents to view.  I made the folders very inexpensively by laminating a large folded piece of construction paper. Binder rings & page protectors are my weakness! I love using them! Next year I plan to use 3 ring binders with page protectors. Anyway, here they are:


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