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Monday, May 14, 2012

Math Power Tower

Yet another Pinterest original. (Well.... from this original destination The kids love stacking! They are so creative in figuring out different ways to assign jobs for this one. Some will just show themselves the cup, figure the answer by counting the rocks (if they don't already know the fact), and then say the answer & check it. Other groups have one person in charge of the problem- they tell their partner how many rocks to use. Some divy the rocks up one set per partner & then add. They are awesome at finding variations!!! SMART KIDS! They are really learning their math facts quickly using this!  Pretty sure it is past time to add harder problems! I have always been fascinated with clear or see through glass objects so adding the rocks to this center makes it more fun to the kids because they are able to touch something of mine they aren't usually able to. I have switched it up according to holidays also- we started this around Valentines so they had those cute little translucent hearts in pink & red cheap at Target. The kids love all the little things they get to play with. :)


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