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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Writing Workshop With Our Youngest Writers

I recently completed an awesome online course. Here is the description: This course will consist of an online book study of Katie Wood Ray's About the Authors: Writing Workshop with Our Youngest Writers. For this particular book study, our target audience is teachers that work with PreK and Preschool children.  Through this 3 week study you will learn how to launch and maintain a writing workshop for your young authors.  Along the way, you will share your learning and reflections with your peers, along with a small project consisting of student work.  Join us as we learn to nourish writing right from the start!

Our final assignment was to upload an example of student work. This course was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of one student's book.
My Book of Writing 
The Duck is swimming in the water. The other duck came to play with him. He says let’s play basketball.
Tornado Drill
First we lined up quietly.
Then we sat on our knees facing the wall.
Last we put a book over our heads.

Living and Nonliving
First we got our supplies. Next we found a nonliving thing and put it in a bag.
Last we found a living thing and drew a picture of it.

The Best Recess Ever
My best recess was about eating popsicles. And the color was strawberry. Tasted good when I ate it. It was so good. 

My Nana
My Nana gives me breakfast every day in the morning. When I see her I will tell her I love you and give her a hug. 

Don’t Throw Me Away
Think before you throw something away. But don’t throw me away. Because I could be mad out of something. 

They put words & pictures that rhymed with cat, dog, pan, star under the appropriate page. 
Kinds of Insects
My Favorite Food
My favorite food is spaghetti. It is my favorite food because it’s so good. Because it’s yummy.

Rhyming Flip Book

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