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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kindergarten Roundup

Our school has Kindergarten Roundup (western themed) one day during the last few weeks of school. It is to bring in next year's kindergarteners from pre-k (which is across the hall from us) and children that will be kindergarten age that did not attend pre-k. We have parents fill out information sheets with contact information & basic information about the child. This year my co-teacher & I handed out LARGE envelopes filled with printable books, letter-sound decks, number flashcards from 1-100, number lines, ABC tracing books (printed offline), and a calendar filled with suggested summer activities to prepare for kindergarten. Hopefully they will use them! This is our decorated table before the punch, fruit, & veggie trays arrived & we rearranged everything & of course I forgot to take a picture then! It was fun & nice to meet the parents.


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