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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Book Of Months

Our Week in Pictures

Days of the Week

EZC Reader Guiding Paws from Really Good Stuff

The paws are a soft velvety material.

Talk Point from Learning Resources---record 10 seconds of audio. Can't wait to use these for about a million ideas!

Ouch hot glue burn!!!! Nearly cried!
When we finish a task we are working on as a group, we put our heads down so everyone knows when we are ready to move on. :)

Studying rainbows in Science.

Roy G. Biv

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Macarena Dance for Months and a Birthday!

Months of the year dance (Macarena)
Singing Happy Birthday

Singing Happy Birthday

I had a student catch him as he was coming out of the bathroom to put the birthday hat on. :)
Then he was presented with his gifts.
Happy Birthday!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

More Classroom Pics and Homecoming

Daily 5 Wall
Various Daily 4 Materials- Word Detectives, ABC Noodle Books, ABC Geobards, Pokey Penmanship, Dry Erase handwriting books, etc...

College Bulletin Board in the hall- coordinates with Accelerated Reader program.

My door sign. :) 

Welcome sign outside my door. I love it! Found it online. :)
Little sweeties w/ mums we made. :)  

5 Minute Mums :) Sweet little girls! :)

Mr. Handsome leading us through our counting this morning. He was all spiffed up for homecoming.

My kids & I  Homecoming 2012 Don't they look nice?!