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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lots of Kindergarten Pictures

My fabulous kindergarten team member. I could not have made it through last year without her help! :) She teaches the other kindergarten class. (There are two classes). >>>>>
Daily 5 Wall. I will soon be moving the silver trays into a different pattern- I recently moved a shelf away from this wall so the zebra poster was behind this metal rack type shelf.

This is clearly not a great shot but you can see the Chicka Chicka Boom tree on my filing cabinets/magnetic center. The kids love this! I simply printed, laminated, cut out, and put magnetic tape on the back. The kids can use them to spell their name, words, or put the letters in alphabetic order. Some of the kids even kind of fling the letters at it & are thrilled when they stick. :) I love seeing the different ideas they come up with for centers that I never would have thought of! :) It took me a long time searching but I finally found the Chicka Chicka Boom printable link. It's free!

 Here is my corner of the classroom. After a lot of deliberation, I finally followed through with removing my teacher's desk. It had already become a catch all in less than two weeks. I couldn't take it anymore! I was not using the drawers & the top merely held a few decorations & really was serving as a second place to keep pens/pencils/paperclips, etc....things I already have organized in my plastic storage drawers. Why have two places for these things??!!?? SOOO I took the leap & found a new home in our school for my big 'ole desk. I am so thankful for our wonderful custodian, Ludy who helped me move it. She's awesome! Anyway....this is my little corner & the ENTIRE rest of the room is space for the kids. I am already loving the extra space & so are they!
Here is a closer picture of my Daily 5 anchor charts. I found these on TPT. Too cute! Love that they have zebras! :)

I used sandpaper & cut out block letters. I let the kids put these under white paper to shade/trace the way you would a penny. When I first showed them what to do....the ooooohs and aaaaahs made me smile! It was so worth the time it took to make these! The kids love them! :)
 Using our document camera for the first time. My little sweeties loved it. It really helped them keep up as we were working on our number journals. :)

 We looked at rings.

And even eyes!

And backs!

And heads!
Here is the students' view of our journal. We have a new number of the day each day on our calendar wall. Then we fill in the corresponding number journal page. Students practice writing their name at the top, coloring in the bubble letter following rules from our star wall-color in the lines, color in all the white places, and color realistically (obviously this last one doesn't apply here). They also learn to draw that number of circles, tally marks, one more, one less, even/odd, and then practice writing the number & the number word. I have the students color in the number at the top to ensure that all students have some sort of success.

Here is one of my little sweeties working hard!

Here are two of the most adorable partner readers ever! They did a great job right away on the first day of Daily 5 Read to Someone. I was so proud of them, I let them demonstrate for the entire class! :)

More awesome partner reading. They are doing so great! I am so proud of them!

 Cute little giraffe rug I found at Family Dollar for only $10!
Our orange tub for read to self. They love it! Ignore that blue box, it isn't usually there & neither is the stuff in the back (chair, broom, box
 One of my little sweeties helping us identify the letter A in a book using our document camera.:)

 Look at how engaged they are!!! :)

This is an end of the day pretend picture for our Social Studies pictorial time line & our visual schedule. :) They are so excited to see their picture on our white board ---more magnetic tape! :)

A better view of the newly arranged room. Also, you can see the tissue paper balls hanging from the ceiling w/ signs saying orange table, green table, blue table. I call them by tables for EVERYTHING. It is so much easier!


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