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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Come Learn With Us

Here are few pictures (from different days) of our day! Enjoy!
Measuring with linking cubes in Science
Measuring using rulers and tape measures in Science
More measurement using linking cubes
Measuring using inchworms
Measuring using a tape measure to measure a ruler. Love these kids! :)
Sweet smiles!
Word Work---dotting letters with stamp markers- they love this!
The font is Janda Polka dot- I downloaded it from and then used it in word with word art to make it hollow. :) I also use this font for Pokey Penmanship---they use a thumbtack to poke holes in the letters to learn the shape of them.
Geoboard ABCs you can print the cards here:
Work on Writing
The opposite side of the chalkboard easel is a dry erase board. They are so smart- when practicing writing their ABCs they go back & forth & check each other. Excellent cooperative learning! :)
Work on Writing- Word Detectives- they use a clipboard w/ handwriting paper & wear their detective glasses & walk around the room writing words they see.
More Geoboard ABCs 
Listen to Reading-Leapfrog Tags- they love these. We only have 4 and they are ALWAYS in use!
Homework & Behavior notebooks we take home daily.
Each student's notebook has a title page. Boys are black & white zebra print. Girls are pink leopard print.
This is the note home explaing our behavior chart, classroom rules & expectations. Parents sign & return a separate copy. This one is kept in the notebook for future reference. Aside from a few tweaks, this came from KinderGals.
This is their weekly behavior chart. I simply circle the animal they ended up on each day. Parents are asked to initial it each day so that I KNOW they saw the animal their child ended the day on.
Each notebook alsos contains 3 study pages. The first is an alphabet chart & hundreds board.
Then, days of the week & months of the year.
Third, colors & shapes.
This year our school is implementing a Tuesday folder. Folders go home on Tuesdays with important papers to be returned & papers to keep at home. Parents are asked to sign the back of the folder & date it. Students who return Wednesday with a signed folder receive a token for our PBIS store. I think it is a great idea! :)
Here is what it looks like inside:
This is the kindergarten newsletter. Our school is also implementing a newsletter. Each Tuesday, grade newsletters go out in the folders. Here is our Kindergarten Longhorn newsletter. It was fun to make! Unfortunately, the printer would NOT cooperate with my borders!!! Any suggestions?
This is our handwriting journal. We do this each day after we learn a new letter in SFA. Students color uppercase letters blue & lowercase letters red. Then they trace & write. So much better than giving them a blank sheet of paper where they feel like there is no end in sight. I downloaded this from TPT here:
It is free! Be sure to check out her Numbers Galore also! We use this for our number of the day DAILY in math. Such a lifesaver! :)
We bound these little books before school started. It is so awesome. I can put this under the document camera & the kids just go get them & get started!!! Love it!
More word work- each side contains letters of the alphabet- one side is lowercase, the other is uppercase. They are simply ordering the letters. :) But they love it because they are with someone else.
Word work- just sorting upper & lowercase letters into pockets. They love this one too! :)


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