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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Behavior Chart

This is our behavior chart. Boys clips are on the left, girls on the right. I plan to paint these & rewrite next year's names on them. All students start the day out on blue. Small infractions = move clip down to green then yellow then red and after red they go to the principal's office. The question mark is because we want them to think once they are out of the room no one knows what happens to them! Really only a few students have had to move their clip to the question mark. Behavior folders are sent home daily for parents to view. Students who have been on blue all semester & all year receive special recognition. We will give out these awards next Friday after kindergarten graduation. I am pretty sure the students already know who they are but I'm excited anyway! I'm going to get them a blue bucket full of blue things. Sooo exciting!


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