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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feelie Pie

I recently attended a workshop at Region 16, Phonological Awareness. It was taught by the always fabulous, Kelly Thompson. She has brilliant ideas! Anyway, "Feelie Pie"---you make a pie & can put anything inside it you want. I think the first thing I will use it for is as we are introducing letters of the alphabet. So for A I will put objects inside the pie that begin with the letter A & so on. Kelly suggested letting students be responsible for objects one week at a time. That would be fun but I don't want to put anyone on the spot so I may use a variation of this idea. Here is my pie:

First I found brown place mats at Dollar Tree.
Then I used my hot glue gun & glued one to fit into a pie pan. I would not recommend the cheapy ones- they won't last with kindergarteners! Don't worry if your edges wrinkle- I think it makes it look more realistic. :) 
Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the top. (Sorry for the bad picture) The cardboard is a circle. I did cut it a little bit wider than the circle I traced from the pie pan. I wanted it to have a lip for the fabric to glue to the opposite side. This will make more sense as you are doing it. I promise! : )

Then I glued plastic Walmart sacks to the top of the round piece of cardboard. I did this to give it a more rounded pie top & to keep the top from caving in. Again, this will make more sense later! DO NOT GLUE YOUR FABRIC ON TOP OF YOUR PLASTIC BAGS YET!

Next I used these cute little cherry buttons I found at Hobby Lobby. they were not quite as red as I wanted them. The bottom left cherry is how they originally looked- very dull. I repainted them with a bright red acrylic paint & then topped them with red glitter. 

Okay, NEXT I sewed my little buttons on the underside of the fabric. (Of course placing them on the top) You'll just have to play w/ this to get them lined up the way you want. THIS IS WHY I SAID DON'T GLUE YET!

THEN I glued the fabric on top of the plastic sacks making sure my little bump was pretty much in the center. 
Finally, glue the top of the pie to the bottom of the pie BUT leave a gap large enough for an adult hand to fit into. Odds are, you will be the one placing "FEELIE" objects into the pie, at least in the beginning. Here is my opening:



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