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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Few Classroom Updates

Okay, I made it a full month before heading to my classroom to work! Woo hoo!
The custodians have been working so hard. The amount of work they do to get our school ready is amazing! These women are phenomenal! I could actually see my arm going up & down while I was painting...I MEAN AS A REFLECTION ON THE FRESHLY WAXED FLOOR!!! It looks great! Thanks ladies!
The first thing I wanted to do in my classroom is repaint the storage cabinets. They are a bright red. I like red, just not in large volumes. So I went to the local hardware store & combed through the lovely rainbow. I settled on a BRIGHT yellow. Once I started painting the cabinets I almost backed out on the yellow color. I didn't want to go around the doors & paint the top of the cabinet---this would mean moving all my stored holiday items off the top & I was not up for that today lol. is the result. Let me know what you think! It definitely needs a few more coats & then I need to put the handles back on. You will see in the picture that one of the handles had a screw that would not budge. So I just painted around it.

I wasn't sure if I am allowed to paint my desk or not but while entertaining many ideas...I came up with this idea. You may remember from a previous post, I LOVE ZEBRA PRINT! SOOOOO I had a couple sheer zebra print curtains lying around that I hadn't found a destination for yet...I lifted the glass plate (which is really handy btw) & positioned the curtain under it & waaaa laaaah! Instant desk personalization! I like it! :) Much better than brown. Oh yes & you see that zebra tube hanging down??? I needed camouflage for my smartboard cords. I taped two paper towel rolls together & covered them w/ paper that I stenciled & laminated. I can duct tape it to anything- I had it on the front of my desk before. IDK if I will do that again or not. Next project??? Modge podge that filing cabinet woo hoo! I need to get to Hobby Lobby for some cute scrapbook paper.


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