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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shelf Painting

This book shelf is on the wall above my sink. I had a sudden urge to paint it too! Lots of painting going on this year. I started late September 2011 so I didn't have the summer to makeover my room. I am taking full advantage of it this summer. I am loving making things look better for my future kiddos! :) The "then" picture was at the very beginning so the books had not been separated & put in a good spot. Now I have these on a low shelf- soon to be even lower to fit under the tray of my white board---these are all books the kids have full access to at all times. The shelf above the sink is now used for my notebooks full of CE stuff, workshop stuff, etc...things the kids don't necessarily need access to but I still need. Now my shelf matches my black chair & the kids chairs at the small group table (which I still need to touch up & move to their home. :) )


  1. Nice! I painted my rocking chair purple this summer. We just don't have time for those things during the school year.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten