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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chapter 9 Wholeness of Text, In PIctures and In Words

Chapter 9
Wholeness of Text, in Pictures and in Words----" work together in a way that feels satisfyingly whole for the reader" (165) anyone but me wondering about cliffhangers????

"I must also manage an ever-expanding text." (165) I love the phrase "ever-expanding text". It makes it sound like the text is alive. :)

"No fact stands alone"---anyone else thinking part-part-whole= state standards/TEKS? YEAH :)

I love the example on pg 167 of the porcelain hen---repetition of phrases=wholeness. "A detail mentioned arely that shows up later can proficed a deeply satisfying resolution to any piece of writing" (168). I would say Ray has done a wonderful job of  repeating phrases & details. Here we are at almost the end of the book & we are thinking again about how she reminded us of the journey we have taken in this text. Fabulous way to use a technique you are teaching us, Ms. Ray! :)

I think one of the techniques kindergartners have trouble with is keeping static details consistent. When they are telling a story in pictures sometimes they forget to keep the flower purple all the way through the book. I plan to remind them more often to go back & make sure not only their story makes sense, but also their illustrations.
(175) The house was painted a particularly garish shade of pink, like someone had poured Pepto-Bismol all over it." I love static details like this- it helps you imagine exactly what the place looks like in the book.

(175) "we hunger for recurrent experience" this sounds like a pretty good definition for addiction, does it not?

Building Meaning from One Idea to the Next
I got three awesome things from this technique--
1. Inferencing
2. Sequencing
3. Cause & effect

Crafting an Ending That Returns to the Lead
Now why didn't I think of this on those college papers w/ the pre-determined word count???
This will really help kids build not only bulk but meaning in their work.

Using Details of Weather to Show the Passage of Time
:) Science TEK!


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