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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mardel's Will You Marry Me?

I am pretty sure Mardel's is my new favorite store! They have fantastic stuff  & a Thomas train table in the back that my daughter LOVED!!! And if anyone is looking for something to get me for Christmas (BLATANT HINT LOL!) They have fantastic puppets!!!! I am working on building up my puppet supply. It really helps the kids focus when they have something concrete to look at or touch when I am reading a story. I went to Mardel's two days in a row & still found things I overlooked!!!

I found a stack of geoboards tucked into a cabinet at the end of this year. I had been badgering my husband to help me build some. But I found some hiding in a storage cabinet in the math room! I'm excited to bring them out for the kids this year for word work & work on writing. This transparent geoboard is just what I need to model how to use it! I can put this baby on the overhead & waaa laaaa. (Since I don't have a document camera yet waaaah waaahhh) Well until then! :)

Here are a few birthday goodies I picked up. Last year I gave the kids a drink, a candy bar, a pencil, a balloon, & a certificate. This year I think I will do the same but add in these cute animal print bracelets.

I fell in love with this 99 cent inflatable safari microphone! I think it will be a cool addition to author's chair sharing time. :)

These whistles are for recess! I kept meaning to get one last year & forgot so now I don't have to yell. :)

Ceiling Hangers are one of the coolest things ever invented! I have lots of things I plan to hang from the ceiling this year. I hung numbers & color words last year.
Here is my last Mardel's find. last but certainly not least! I bought the blue one on Friday & got a coupon for 20% off my next purchase. So I went back Saturday & got the red one. I love these! Once I have modeled leading us through our letters & sounds deck & our sight word wall. Our job chart has a person to lead us through each & they use various pointers. The kids love it. I have a foam sword, a star pointer, a regular small finger pointer, a glow in the dark skeleton pointer, a plain old dowel rod, a yard stick, & now these gigantic finger pointers! :) I got a great deal on some tiny wood stars, hearts, etc... that I may use to make some new pointers. I'm excited!


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