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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chapters 4-6

Sorry for breaking this up so much. I just like to type as I go, one chapter at a time. I am really enjoying this book! It helps me think in an entirely new way. :)

Chapter 4 Teaching an Essential Habit of Mind
During my previous book study on Ray's Writing Workshop with Our Youngest Writers, Mud was suggested for demonstrating structure of writing. Funny how this book keeps showing up! Love it! The kids really enjoyed this book. The close ups are a great example of various techniques illustrators can employ.
How to read like a writer...hmmm...adults subconsciously do this every day without really thinking about it but kindergartners have not had the vast experience with text that most adults have had so it does not come as readily to them. "You never know you need to think about something like that until you need to think about it." (58) This reminds me of when I go into Hobby Lobby....I never buy certain things until I realize I need them for a project & then I'm like, oh yeah! I  saw those at Hobby Lobby...why didn't I buy them then???? Well because, I wasn't thinking with that particular goal in mind, I was on a mission for a different project. "Game knows game" (59) Reminds me of a childhood taunt..."takes one to know one" lol. Of course in this context, it is a positive connotation. Reading like a writer is like window know in the future you are going to be buying something even though you may not be doing it right this instant, you still keep your eyes peeled for things that peak your interest.
"I used her name in conjunction with decisive verbs like showed & made." (63) I really love the way Ray reminds me to sure that the illustrator is not left out. This fosters a relationship between readers & illustrators/writers that helps them relate & keep in mind how they are similar or different in their decision making. I am excited to really help my kids focus on the "why" of decisions, as Ray points out, the why for the close-up technique is to focus on the big idea-mud. This is a technique I really think my kids could try & I can't wait to invite them to give it a shot. :)
Another thing I am excited to invite them to try is the dedication of a book. This could get interesting with kindergartners! :)
Chapter 5 Learning Qualities of Good Writing from Illustration Techniques
This book is going way too fast! I am enjoying it so much I feel like I'm racing through it ready for the next idea but not ready for the end!
I love the illustration comparison of Ice Bear to Surprising Sharks. Yeah for another text-to-text connection! :)
I love watching the response on my kids' faces when I read a text that has a very evident tone. The varied array of expressions on their faces is priceless. I'm excited to just read an excerpt & have them help me create an illustration or vice-versa & to also let them do this on their own, perhaps with a partner. :)

I don't wear my glasses to school but I do wear contacts & let me tell you, this book study is helping them become clearer & sharper by the second!
I love how Anna's memoir visually summed up the story the same way writers use conjunctions & punctuation to loop the end back to the beginning. Some I Spy books even do this- "here are all the objects you found" and gives a list of the objects' names. :) "One way to craft a satisfying ending is to remind readers of the journey they've taken." Awww this is beautiful. I love it! This also reminds me of a necessary part of upper level writing====the closing! This is a great way to explain this & ensure it will appear in their writing for standardized writing tests!
During writing conferences I have been a bit timid, I want to give suggestions but I don't want to influence the tone of the book or change it all together by something I say....I want it to be all them...but Ray says it is okay to let what comes out naturally come out sooooo no more holding back! :) (I mean this in the best possible sense of course!)
Chapter 6 The Writing Workshop
I can't wait to gather a stack of books & hand out the sticky notes & see what the kids mark. Kids are simply amazing, my almost 4 yr old points out things I never would have noticed on my own. I am so excited to let the kids have a hand in choosing the techniques we will study & to transform our entire year! "In a unit of study, students are active cocreators of curriculum." (79)<<<<<LOVE THIS!!! Nothing creates ownership in kindergartners more than helping to create something that we use every day! Really!! I mean even right down to the digraphs & blends we put up on our letter sound chart this year, they participate more when they know everyone is focusing on something they suggested. Allowing students to come up with the inquiries we research encourages metacognition.
And of course, there is nothing better than a suggested list of books for me to have an excuse reason to go hunt down some new books! I'm excited to introduce my students to more writers from different genres & to make them feel like they know them. I'm hoping to find a somewhat local author/illustrator to invite to the classroom. Maybe our new art teacher could also come in & give a brief art lesson. The kids would eat this up!


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