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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chapter 8 Precision & Detail, In Pictures & Words

Details! Wow do I say this word A LOT! Add detail, what else can we add??? Do you have purple skin?---we really focus on realistic details when we are drawing people.. Do you have a nose? How many legs do you have? Tattoos & nose rings would definitely catch my kids' attention! The text of "Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate, also follows this pattern of providing the reader with awesome details.
There is that parallel again, "Illustrators use the same basic understandings about the power of detail that good writers use when they craft written texts." (132)
This is an awesome quote, " That could almost be cited as the definition of a poet: Someone who notices & is enormously taken by things that someone else would walk by." (135) It's all about noticing! :)
Crafting Details from the World of Nature---
Great way to hit science TEKS! We make a book for living/non-living organisms late in the year.
Showing the Effects of Weather on a Scene-
Of course we study weather in Kindergarten so here is another great idea to add to our book of writing & incorporate science. :)


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