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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Interactive Word Wall

I needed a word wall with pictures and words to help my kids spell during writing. I found some of these little cards in my storage cabinet. I used a vis-a-vis marker to write the word on it & waaa laaaa. Some of the pictures are also printables from various sites. My awesome instructional coach helped me come up with some great ideas when we were discussing word walls. She reminded me that it needed to be something where the kids could take the words back to their seat if they needed to. This is the end result. I still need to tweak some things. This is not the permanent location- I will eventually relocate it to my white board & use magnets & have the things on a much lower level so they are easier to reach. I am also still working on what I want to use as dividers...I'm thinking maybe ribbon...Oops! Forgot to put my "x" word up. I found these printable alphabet letters here: I copied them into word & tweaked them to make them larger. You can also click "download all". Keep in mind these are NOT sight words. I have a separate sight word wall. I will post pictures soon of its makeover! :)

Sorry for the blurriness!


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