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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Insects Continued.....Fireflies!

Science in kindergarten was a blast today! I found this amazing idea on Pinterest & made a few tweaks to accommodate supplies we had on hand. We have been learning about insects. Today we made our own Firefly Jars. I printed out fireflies for the kids to color. While they colored I drew jars onto doubled over contact paper. Then the kids came to my small group table one or two at a time & painted the end of their fireflies with glow in the dark paint. Then we placed them on the sticky side of the "jar" (contact paper) and folded the other side over to seal it. Our laminator is out of commission so this was the next best thing! And the best part, our kids were able to take them home today! Here is our group picture with the light on. I wish we could get a picture without lights but it was just NOT working. BUT we had so much fun doing this & helped the kids cement the criteria that make an insect an insect. :) Hope all of the families are enjoying the firefly jars too!


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