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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fried Red Eggs

I always find the most fabulous ideas on Pinterest and excitedly click on the link only to discover the description of course failed to mention it is a Teacher's Pay Teachers product that sadly is not free....this one I just could not resist making my own according to my students needs. I just used images & word to create these "Fried Red Eggs". We use SFA for teaching reading & writing along with Cscope. These are the red sight words we are learning. Here is the link to my Google documents for a FREE download!!! Just call out the red word & the first student to flip it over (I plan to use spatulas like I saw on Pinterest) gets to add it to their stack- the one with the most wins. This would work best in small groups. :) Can't wait to print & laminate & get started!!! Here is a snapshot:

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