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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Love Sight Words!

Yeah for Ebay! I found this gumball machine for $21.50 plus $5 shipping. I can't wait to let the kids try it out! I wrote sight words on decorative vase crystals/rocks like used in a flower arrangement or in an aquarium AND on these cute Target hearts. To keep the words from fading, I sealed with Mod Podge. The kids will turn the knob to release a sight word rock or heart. Then they will record the sight word on a recording sheet. I am a true believer in SAY IT- SPELL IT- SAY IT. Multiple representations friends! I tried out a mini plastic one that came with candy from Dollar General & they did great with it so I think they will do fine with this one too. I just need to find a permanent location for it since it is glass, I don't want any accidents! This baby will be duct taped to a surface!

The clear cups in the background are replacements for my old paper cups that are really worn out----they go in my Word Power Tower can. (See blog here.)


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