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Saturday, March 23, 2013

If I Were A Bunny...

Here are a few bunnies we made today. I will take a picture of all of them up on the wall soon. My phone & Ipad were not cooperating today! Both were DEAD! :( I found this adorable idea here: A Cupcake for the Teacher.

First students wrote what they would do if they were a bunny on large paper & then were helped with spelling errors they were capable of fixing using Stretchy Snake or the Word Book. Then they transferred it to a lined sheet of handwriting paper with TINY lines! Good practice for them! Here is the FREE pdf if you would like to use it. If I Were A Bunny pdf

Then they glued their writing to a cute piece of colorful memo paper. Then they glued that to a sheet of pastel colored construction paper. 

Then step by step they drew faces on precut round faces- whiskers, mouth, & eyes & glued on a pink nose. Next, they glued on ears with the pink ovals.
Then they glued on front paws & back paws. Back paws had separate pink pads to glue on & they drew on pink toenails. 

Taaaa daaa! They turned out adorable!!!
Proud kids!
He worked hard today Mrs. Leverett!!! And he did a GREAT job!!


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