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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Animal Ecosystems

What is going on in kindergarten this week??? And why is Mrs. Lawson scavenging for boxes???? We are learning more about animal ecosystems. Each child has chosen one animal & will create a box ecosystem. Students are allowed to cut out one picture from a magazine to go into the ecosystem but it cannot be the animal itself, we will make these later. Students are required to include everything their particular animal needs to survive. Food sources, cohabitants, water sources, shelter, and the animal are to be included. Students began researching today using various animal books & magazines. Tomorrow we will continue researching & begin creating ecosystems! Stay tuned for awesome pictures!!!

Here is Mrs. Leverett's fantastic example. 

She chose a shark!

You can see the shark lives in the ocean. The ocean has coral, starfish, plants, and shells. Sharks eat fish. All projects will be completed in class but PARENTS, if you have materials your child would like to use to create their ecosystem, please let us know! Also, if you need to know which animal your student has chosen, please contact me at This will be an extended project and will be showcased later this year in our first annual KINDERGARTEN SCIENCE FAIR which will take place in May. 


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