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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kindergarten Math Contest

Friday we separated the two kindergarten classes into two groups and they faced off against each other one on one to determine who is the best & the fastest in math skills! We had six categories: shapes, calendar, addition, subtraction, counting, and number recognition. It was INTENSE!!! Several students won more than one category. They got these adorable little trophies. It was so much fun. ABSOLUTELY amazing to see how strong they are in math skills!
This little girl absolutely blew my mind with the way she was able to count on. This is a hard skill to get kindergarteners to fully understand but she has mastered it!! She dominated addition and subtraction. Way to go!!!

Counting champ!

She won shapes and numbers!

Calendar Champ- he has beautiful handwriting & used his tools to spell Saturday correctly. Way to go!!!!
So proud of our kindergarteners!

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