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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ipad Addition & Space Men

He is a whiz at this! Didn't even ask directions!
Here he is teaching another student.
I use a VGA cable to attach the Ipad to the projector. So unfortunately the smartboard is not functional with this but at least the partner who is waiting their turn can watch. Plus the other groups watch and learn and I only have to give directions once. :)

Here are our space men! We use these during writing to make us more conscious of good spacing in writiing.

I just used old clothespins (thank you again Carolyn Bloodworth!!!) and taped a space man found online to them. The gap at the bottom and the space man serve as a visual reminder to put good spaces. After a few minutes they realize they don't actually have to lay their space man on their paper to make spaces but develop the habit throughout the assignment. These are available to them at all times & they LOVE them! :) 

 Here is one of my little guys using his space man to make wonderful spaces when writing a list from Lori Rosenberg's writing menu. We read the book Cowboys and he is writing a list of things cowboys wear to protect them such as a hat to keep out rain & sun, a scarf to keep out dust, chaps to protect their legs, boots to protect their feet, and things they use such as a lasso for roping cows & a canteen for water. He did a great job!


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