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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kindergarten I Can Hall

Older kids have hanging of the stars or diplomas this year since our theme is colleges. Kindergarteners aren't quite ready for AR although some will be soon...we decided they needed recognition too that everyone would be aware of. Sooooo we came up with the Kindergarten I Can Hall. It was a wonderful spin off of our Social Studies lesson where the kids proposed a celebration idea complete with food, music, guests, & games to our principal. Once all of the students have mastered these milestones we will propose our celebration idea to our principal.
Friday we recognized students who have learned to identify all 26 letters of the alphabet, upper & lower-case. We also recognized students who can tell what sound each letter makes. My classroom college is UT (Texas Longhorns) so my classes names will be hung around each sign on little orange longhorns. Mrs. Leverett's (other kinder teacher) college is WT so her students' names will be hung on brown buffaloes. The kids were sooooooooo excited when we did this! We called them one at a time & they came down the hall as everyone clapped. The pride on their faces was just priceless! Anyway....on to the best part---the pictures!


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