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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chapter 10 Tone, In Pictures and In Words

Chapter 10 focuses on tone- "the overall blend & intensity of color, light, & shade in a picture, all of which evoke an emotional response." The tone is a tool a writer or illustrator can use to further express their view/perspective/opinion/position. Pg 195- "children will learn to think about their own attitudes or views toward their topics, and then how to communicate their views effectively." METACOGNITION ANYONE?
I have especially tried to emphasize when we are doing creative writing to consider the things that would make them want to read a story. If we just tell the same boring story every time, would we want to read the same thing over & over? Or perhaps, what is something we could put in a story that would make us WANT to read it over & over?
One way I have attempted to aid my littles in crafting tone with color is by allowing them to use colored construction paper for the books they create. If we are writing a story about rain, I suggest they use gray paper...ocean= blue, etc...

I am currently teaching 6th grade summer school & one of the standards we are working on involves hyperbole so "accentuating or exaggerating features to impact tone" fits in nicely here.


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