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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Few Classroom Update Sneek Peeks

Here is my behavior chart! I got this idea from KinderGals. Love it! :) I can't remember where I found the idea to use pizza pans but I think it will work great! I am going to take pictures of the kids on the first day, print, laminate, & use magnetic tape to attach. I eliminated a few of the levels that KinderGals had because the other kindergarten teacher & I are doing this similarly & trying to keep it to 5 levels.

I found this idea on Pinterest- I backed two filing cabinets up to each other. Yeah for extra storage! My pictures are on it right now but I plan to let the kids use it for a magnetic center. :) The tape will be covered up. :)

I finally covered up all my holiday goodies that were irking me from atop my red cabinets! Yeah for binder clips! The handiest thing ever! These posters are from my awesome 6th graders in summer school right now. They are incredibly creative & so smart!

Above & below are pictures of my "jungle". I wanted to have a special spot for the kids to relax & read (I also have a big orange bathtub in my room). This will also be a reward coupon--they will be able to go "relax in the jungle". I still need to add more vines to make it more jungle looking. I found these awesome "tree trunks" in the high schools' throw away pile. I immediately asked for them! I think they look like the bottom of trees, don't you? One man's trash is another's treasure! Right?!

Here is my crazy monkey. This was actually a gift for my daughter but he shakes & it scares her. So here he is hanging on his own little vine "swing". :) You can also see the stuffies & books displayed on top of our cubbies. All the books are either zoo/animal related or Eric Carle. Keep an eye out for my special Eric Carle display coming soon!

Here is the big thing I have been working on putting together all summer. Our Calendar Wall!!! Many dollars later, I think it is just about ready! We will discuss weather including season, temperature, windy/sunny, etc..., count sticks/bundles, place value, money, find the number on the spinner, make the number in dominoes (magnetic tape!), month, day of the week, yesterday was <, tomorrow will be >>>, make the number on the clock, and count on the hundreds board. I can't wait to start doing this & watch the kids correct me when I do it out of order or something! They have an amazing knack for learning the order we do things. :) The red & white little chart has extra supplies in it- the cards that describe the weather & the holiday/special events cards, etc...
I got my class list about a week & a half ago so I have been able to start making some personalized things. I'm so excited!!!


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