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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Living and Nonliving Organisms, Puppet Show, Kagan's Talking Chips


Learning about herbivores. We watch Dinosaur Train when we have indoor recess on cold days so we had many children who were able to relate this to Tank the Triceratops. :) 

We learned how a plant is a living thing because it drinks using its roots. :) It also creates oxygen for other living things.

We sorted pictures of living & nonliving organisms onto our giant smartboard T chart. 

More Herbivore learning

I love how in this picture, you can clearly see, only ONE student is talking. Great job guys!!! :) 
Kagan's Talking Chips

Learning about omnivores

Kagan's Talking Chips

Kagan's Talking Chips

Puppet Show Time :) 

Carnivore Learning (Like Buddy from Dinosaur Train who eats carrion) 


Carnivore Learning

More graphic organizer sorting

Omnivore Learning (Like us!)

Plants need sunlight

Herbivore Learning

Kagan's Talking Chips

More sorting living/nonliving organisms

When we finished learning about producers, consumers, decomposers- each student created a Dinah Zike foldable. They look awesome hanging in the hallway!


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